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Check out what's being said about the Think Love Vibe Wristband worldwide!

“I just vibed…I love you Mom”
I just vibed, I love you Mom says Marco, a 7 yr old wearing the Think Love wristband that is synched with his moms wristband vibing at the same time… This amazing new tool will literally give you the vibration of love throughout the day. Love is the glue that keeps us together. Whether apart by inches or oceans, the Think Love bracelet reminds us of that love and connection. Here’s how it works: The bracelet literally gives you the vibration of love throughout the day. It vibrates at random times throughout a 24 hour period, 5 times per day to be exact. Your vibration can be set to synchronize with any other bracelet/s, so you all vibrate at the same time. The vibration reminds you to “Think Love” with everyone whose bracelet is synchronized with yours. The bracelets can be synched in person, over the phone, or even through a computer. There is no limit to the number of people who can sync-up together. It’s great for groups, families, couples, best friends, you name it. You can even use one by itself to simply remind yourself to think of something or someone special throughout the day. It’s truly a vehicle to inspire synchronized prayer, love transmission, healing, energy transmission, or anything else you’d like to sync-up with others around the planet.
- Aimee, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Amazing gift while my husband and I were apart…”
The Think Love Vibe Wristband was an amazing gift while my husband and I were apart because of the Navy. It didn’t matter   what was happening around me when i caught a glimpse of it or when it vibrated my whole ora changed. There were definitely a time or two when i was about to break down or lash out at either my Husband or a coworker and the Vibe Wristband buzzed and i just smiled and let it go. I love the bracelet because it keeps me honest. i made a commitment to Rami to love him always and the Vibe Wristband keeps me on track even in the middle of an argument i think love. “
- Tatiana, USS Carney, US Navy

“I experience great love through our Think Love connection.”
Many things have happend! This last week-end I experienced great love through our Think Love connection. Remember I bought Vibe Wristbands for my entire chorus. This last week-end was our competition and it went great. We came in second place with our best score EVER. I am now a Master Director, a title we have been longing for for many many years. The spirit in the chours is at it´s highest… Love Anna.
- Anna, Sweden

“It has brought us together and changed my life forever.”
Over the last year I have lost some of that connectedness, and I truly believe that the universe sent you to me as a reminder to stay true to what I believe and feel. This is first hand proof of the power that thinking/feeling love has. It brought us together and changed my life forever. Thank you for reinforcing the power of love…it has awakened me again to what I so strongly believe. Please keep in touch and let me know if there is anything I can do to help your cause..for the time being I will be loving the world and everything it has to offer.
- Lacey, Brooklyn, New York

“The perfect anniversary gift for us and for my daughter’s birthday present.”
Being on sea duty for the last 8 years has given us a lot of time apart and I think that your wristbands will be the perfect anniversary gift for us and for my daughter’s birthday present.
- LTJG David Alverson, USS Carney, US Navy

“He [my son] has a reminder that I’m sending him love and thinking of him when we are apart.”
In thinking ahead to an overseas journey, I was initially drawn to purchase two Think Love wristbands: one for my seven year old son, Marco, and one for myself, to enhance our feeling of connection across time and space.  When we banded and synchronized ourselves Marco became an instant fan of the magical vibrations.  He still delights in making our buzzing wristbands “kiss”.  When the vibration takes us by surprise we explode with big playful smiles for each other, like we share a special secret, followed by snuggly hugs and kisses.  We’ve been reveling in the snuggly feeling everyday while he is at school, or off doing other activities.  He has a reminder that I am sending him love and thinking of him when we are apart.  The connection is palpable, and deeply satisfying to me.  Everyone with whom we share the notion of the Think Love wristband wants to join the fun too. We joined the global synch, so we could also be connected with our friends who are part of the worldwide movement.  Everytime my band vibrates, I feel a greater expansion of love, thinking of more beloveds to send to and receive from.  We reach out with love notes too.  Recently our bands buzzed simultaneously at a party; we all jumped up and ran to each other to share scrumptious hugs!!   That memory comes to me too when my band vibrates, and it feels deliciously intoxicating.  I also love being snuggled in my bed when the band starts humming… I feel extra warm and fuzzy. Over these several weeks of wearing the band, I have noticed some unexpected and significant changes in myself.  Just today a friend I haven’t seen for a few months remarked on how radiant I appeared, and she asked what was going on.  I feel that the band has helped me to shift my thought patterns away from sadness, and obligations of life, to desired joy and pleasure. After a traumatic health crisis and traumatic divorce I am only recently beginning to feel like myself.  Loving myself has been a huge part of my healing transformation.  When the band vibrates I feel reminded of the precious love I have for myself.  If I might be feeling a bit off, the vibration reminds me to love myself… and sometimes I set it off voluntarily for that reminder.  Just seeing the wristband on my wrist reminds me to speak in words of love to all those that I meet, as I journey to deepen my compassion for others.  It reminds me that I am made of love, and that I can fill myself up and then overflow with love for others. I am floating on a blissful cloud of universal love.  I find myself freely speaking the words ”I love you” to an ever widening circle. In a few days time I depart for my overseas trip, and I know in my heart and soul that love is everywhere…. surrounding my son and myself, always. My deepest gratitude to everyone at Think Love for your blessed creation and the love your inspire in us all
- Aimee, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA